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  • Lanikai Sunrise BEST.jpg

    Lanikai Sunrise Kailua Hawaii 

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    Alligator Rock North Shore Hawaii 

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    Hawaiian Ladys 

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    Hanalei Bay  

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    Kailua Bay to Lanikai Mokulua Islands 

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    Cut Back Hawaiian Surfer 

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    Kailua Bay looking at Lanikai 

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    Kaneohe Sand Bar Hawaii 

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    Kailua Sunrise 

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    Kaliua Morning 

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    Avi Surfer Waikiki Hawaii 

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    Mokuleia and Waialua North Shore Hawaii 

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    Koolau Mountain Range Hawaii 

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    Kailua Hawaii Morning 

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    Tube Ride Hawaii 

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    Kaneoahe Bay Hawaii 

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    Kaneohe Fish Pond Hawaii 

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    Avi Canoe Fisherman Hawaii 

  • Kaneohe sunrise.jpg

    Kaneohe Sunrise Hawaii 

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    Avi Surfer Hawaii 

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    Alligator Rock peeling surf North Shore Hawaii 

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    Kauai Sunrise Hawaii 

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    Lanikai Canoe Paddlers early morning Hawaii 

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    Lanikai Sunrise Hawaii 

  • Lanikai ariel kona winds.jpg

    Waimanalo to Lanikai kona winds Hawaii 

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    Lanikai from pill box trail Hawaii 

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    Lanikai from Pill Box trail Hawaii 

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    Makaha Beach Sunset Hawaii 

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    Makapuu Sunrise Hawaii 

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    Lanikai Mokolua Sunrise Hawaii 

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    Molokai Rainbow Hawaii 

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    Golden Tube North Shore Haleiwa Hawaii 

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    Na Pali Coast hawaii 

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    Sufer girl painting Hawaii 

  • girl diving.jpg

    Swimming girl Hawaii North shore 

  • Avi Blue Ukulele.jpg

    Avi Ukulele girl Hawaii 

  • indo snapper.jpg

    Fisherman lands snapper Hawaii 

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    Lanikai Moon set Hawaii 

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    Avi Canoe Sailor Hawaii 

Aloha and Welcome to www.HawaiianOceanfront.com and to our properties in paradise.

We specialize in Oahu Hawaii vacation rentals, focusing on Luxury, Oceanview, Marina Front and Beachfront vacation homes, in only the best locations like the North Shore, Lanikai, Kailua, Honolulu, Portlock, Diamond Head, Kahala, Waikiki, Mokuleia, Sunset Beach and Haleiwa.

The homes you see here are just a few of our exclusive vacation rentals in world class locations. We can also place you in other Hawaii vacation homes that we have been dealing in for many years, but are not listed here. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we will help you find that dream vacation home, condo or villa.

Our family has been in Hawaii since the 1870's, we know the islands, the people and the places to see and to stay. We can help you with your itinerary and give you guidance on the best destinations to visit. Our goal is to provide you with unforgettable Hawaii vacation rentals for your perfect Hawaii vacation. If you have any questions about our Honolulu Hawaii vacation rentals or which area is best for your vacation, please email or give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

Oahu vacation homes provide access to all of the excitement of Waikiki and Honolulu while allowing you the privacy and serenity of Hawaii's best locations just minutes away. Enjoy the waves of Waikiki, the history and culture of Honolulu, and many choices for nightly entertainment, just a short distance from your nearby vacation home. At most of our homes, the only sounds you will hear are the birds chirping in the morning or the sounds of the waves lapping at the shore.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist scene we have a multitude of Hawaii vacation rental homes listed for your vacation lodging requirements on the windward and North Shore side of the island. Some accommodations are in lush tropical surroundings, some are beach accommodations, others offer spectacular hilltop locations with sweeping vistas.

Some people question why they should go to Oahu instead of Maui, the Big Island or Kauai. They have heard it’s too busy, all city and not as nice as the outer islands. Here is why you should come. It's because Oahu has the very best of everything and most of it is private. For access to the best of Oahu's private locations book a home with us.

For proof of Oahu's spectacular beauty, watch this short airiel drone video tour of the island of Oahu:

All of our Oahu vacation rentals are highly maintained for your total enjoyment. No matter which of the Oahu, Hawaii bed and breakfasts or vacation rentals you choose, you're never more than 10-45 minutes away from just about anything on Oahu.

Our unique locations, away from the hustle of city life, provide you with some of the most amazing tropical getaways. We think you will agree, that we truly have, some of the only remaining Hawaiian dream locations.

To book a property please click here and email us at: Booking@HawaiianOceanfront.com 

Or call 808-382-8016

The more detail you give us the better. How many in your group, date desired, reason for visit, luxury home or budget cottage, beachfront or ranch with a view, having a gathering, or total privacy.

Want to own a piece of Hawaii and have it pay for itself? We can help in referring you to one of Hawaii's top 100 real estate agents, to find you that perfect vacation home. For instant access to all Hawaii Real Estate at your finger tips, just click here and go to www.HawaiianBeachfront.com or download this app below on your smart phone. It allows you to drive around Hawaii and at the click of a button, it instantly gives you all the properties for sale including pictures and pricing in that area. Try it and you will love it. Click here for instant acess:www.BeachfrontAgent.com/mobileapp 


Call or email us for rental calendar and availability.

Call 808-382-8016

Email: Booking@HawaiianOceanfront.com

Location: Hawaii, Honolulu, Diamond Head, Haleiwa, Kahala, Hawaii Kai, Portlock, Lanikai, Kailua Hawaii, Kaneohe, Makaha, Sunset Beach.